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This is Sammy Hanratty, the young actress i worked with on Hello Sister, Goodbye Life for ABC Family.  That shoot was the last project I shot in New Orleans before Katrina hit two weeks later.  It was also the most personally satisfying project I have ever worked on.  The cast, director, producer, everyone was so amiable and professional that it's memory will stay with me well... for the rest of my career. I cannot thank them enough.

The Fall of 2005, I had the pleasure of working as guest artist at my alma mater, Virginia Tech.  We staged a production of Waiting for Godot that was very well received.  I accepted the offer to do theatre again for the first time in 7 years because it was Sam Beckett, it scared me, and because my friend and former teacher Gregory Justice would be directing.  Sometimes, you need someone who will watch for your habits and take you in an uncomfortable dirtection in order to help you grow as an actor.  He did exactly that and, as a result, I felt challenged and exhilerated by the experience.  Bryan Breau, seen in the background here, was Estragon to my Didi.  I suspect you are going to see much more of him in the future as he is a fine actor.



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