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This picture is from Gods and Generals.  We arrived 14 days prior to shooting for a read through, dialect coaching, and horesback riding.  This was out in Staunton where we were workingt with the horses.  Second from left, you may recognize Bill Sanderson now of HBO's Deadwood and on the far right Matt Lescher with whom I worked most of the time on this shoot.
Jeff Daniels, Me, a soldier of the 20th Maine, and C Thomas Howell on our last day of shooting Gods and Generals.  I plumped up significantly over the two months of shooting the film.  I have never felt so palpable a connection with history as I did working on this film.  For that I must thank Ron Maxwell, the director, and the reenactors who filled every battle scene and who's knowledge of the minutae of.. well everything that might have existed between 1860 and 1865, was astonishing.



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