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Steven Speilberg and me on the set of Minority Report.  This was an awesome experience. Mr. Speilberg was friendly and professional without any ego fixation.  Instead, he was all about the work.  He walked me through the scene and the shots he had planned and treated me just like any other actor.  That is all any of us asks when we work on a project.
George Lucas and me on the set of Radioland Murders in 1993.  This was my first big film project.  I worked for a couple of months and then had a couple weeks of reshoots.  Frought with problems and production delays, the film was not a commercial success.  It did have in it, however, some of the best names in comedy at the time.  Brian Benben, Harvey Coreman, Bobcat Goldwaithe, Ned Beatty, George Burns, Michael Lerner, Jeffrey Tambor, Stephen Toblowsky, Christopher Lloyd, Larry Miller, and more.  This is still one worth catching.. it is SUPER fast paced thanks to Mel Smith's direction.  So buckle your seatbelt, turn on your close captioning, and get ready for a fast paced ride along with quite a few laughs.  It is a script that Lucas himself wrote and has only a tiny bit of CGI magic... I play the Staponian two headed ambassador to Trell.  "Meesa going to Trella... "  Okay, bad JarJar joke.  Sorry George.



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