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Also way back to my first Guest Starring role in 1995 with, who else, Andy Griffith on Matlock.  I played a doctor of dubious innocence in an attempted murder.. what else.  In one scene, I had to take Andy's blood pressure - it was very healthy.  He was a kind and understanding actor to work with.  His reputation for being somewhat curt comes from the way he deals with the general public.  Imagine having been on television for 50 years and everybody assuming an immediate familiarity with you upon seeing you.  He had the utmost respect for and was very kind to the cast and crew when we shot our episode. 

This picture is a bit more recent. I am on the left and considerable grayer than in the previous picture. This was 2004 in New Orleans.  A movie called Heartless which, it now seems, will never see the light of day.  Also based on a true story, this made for TV movie encountered legal problems when the woman portrayed by Melanie Griffith (left) threatened to sue should the show be released. The lesson here: never make movies about murderers when the lead role and chief suspect is, in real life, a lawyer.



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