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This one goes WAAAAY back to 1995 and a movie called The Almost Perfect Bank Robbery.  It starred Brooke Shields, Rip Torn (seen here), and Dylan Walsh.  I played FBI Agent Roberts, I think, Rip's sidekick along with Frank Hoyt Taylor(left).  For whatever reason, the release of the film was delayed until 1999 and then aired without fanfare.  I suspect it was either a legal issue as it was based on a true story, or a hiccup in the development of Brooke Shields' career - just after this she started working a great deal.
This is Dylan Walsh from the same project.  You can see him now regularly on Grey's Anatomy. He was a really nice guy, especially in our interrogation scene.  Frank and I have since worked together on two or three other projects.



Last Updated: November 28, 2006