Special Events with The Actors' Place, Inc.
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04/12/11   New Beginning Class starts 7PM Tuesdays

03/12/11   Ocean View St. Patrick's Day Parade

02/28/11   Hampton Roads "State of the Industry" 6-9 PM

12/18/10   Actors' Place Holiday Party 6-10 PM

09/14/07 - 09/16/07   TOM LOGAN WORKSHOPS

07/17/07   SPECIAL GUEST to acting classes C. Thomas Howell

03/24/07   VAF/VPA Film Career and Internship Expo

03/14/07   Guest Kent Berger talks "Tax Issues for Actors" at the March VAF

03/09/07   Our Second Webcast "Acting Is... Getting Work"

02/25/07   Academy Awards Party

02/22/07   Our first webcast "Acting Is... Getting Started "

02/05/07   Casting Directors panel with VAF, VPA, and Regent U.

01/20/07   Special Screening night of SAG Award films

12/16/06   The Actors' Place Christmas Party

10/18/06   SAG representatives visit the VAF at The Actors' Place

09/13/06   Second Hampton Roads VAF meeting

08/16/06   The FIRST meeting of the Hampton Roads Chapter of the VAF