About The Actors' Place...


The Actors' Place, Inc. was established in 1988 by stage and film actress Sylvia Harman who resides in Virginia Beach.  She brought her many years of experience acting, producing, and directing to the classes she taught along with her no-nonsense approach to critiquing her students.  Known for being the best and toughest acting teacher in Hampton Roads, her reputation grew along with that of The Actors' Place.

In 1990, Mrs. Harman met Keith Flippen during a Soviet / American actor exchange program held jointly by the Eugene O'Neil Theatre Center in Waterford, CT and the Leningrad State Institute of Theatre, Music, and Film.  Mrs. Harman was teaching Meisner to the assemblage of actors and Keith, a fresh graduate from VA Tech, was hooked.  Upon his return to the US, Keith began study at The Actors' Place. In addition to studying, he also grew to understand the exercises, to teach others in the studio, and to teach at universities and other schools.  

After 18 years of teaching, Sylvia retired in 2006 and Keith took over ownership of The Actors' Place.  Upon assuming ownership, Keith began a massive rebuild of the space, adding an office, sound booth for voiceover classes, and a control room.  The result is a place where actors love to learn.  Keith focuses on artistic growth of actors and teaching them to become what he has become, one of the most respected film actors in Virginia and North Carolina. 

Keith also worked with the Richmond based Virginia Actors' Forum and several local actors to start a Hampton Roads chapter of the forum.  A community of actors helping actors, the VAF is a free organization which works to improve the quality of work and communication within the region's acting pool. 

Keith is also committed to providing resources and information to area actors by holding Actors' Place sponsored round tables like the "Working Actors" round table, SAG Representatives discussion, a discussion with guest C. Thomas Howell, Audition workshopes, and more.  Keith believes in the power of what actors do and he works for their success.  Any of his students will attest to his commitment to them and the art of acting.

Alumni of The Actors' Place, Inc. are working actors in New York, Los Angeles, Virginia, North Carolina, and other regional film markets across the country. We're not talking extra work here... they have had guest starring and lead roles in : That 70's Show, NYPD Blue, The Wire, Crossing Jordan, Surface, JAG, The King of Queens, Nip/Tuck, Dark Angel, Baywatch, Xena: Warrior Princess, One Tree Hill, CSI, Frasier, Weeds, ER, Without a Trace, Gray's Anatomy, and one even won the Golden Horse Award - the Chinese equivalent of the Oscar! There is no better testament to the quality of training at The Actors' Place than the success of the students. If you are serious about a career in acting, train where working actors train.... The Actors' Place.